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Today, they also have the most seats (⅓ of the seats with support from other leftist parties).Critics claim that the party's power in the city is too large, with an almost absolute majority from only one party making it hard for the views of the opposing parties to be heard.The heart of the city has a large pedestrian area for a place of its size.

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Næstved Storcenter is on the outer edge of the city, and is easily accessible by bus (from Næstved Station) and by train (Næstved Nord Station is a five-minute walk from the mall entrance).

Just next to Næstved Storcenter you will find Næstved Mega Center, which, though, in comparison is rather small. 10 large stores offering everything from electronics to baby-wear.

The city has the largest high school in Denmark, Næstved Gymnasium & HF. Archaeological material from this period has been found in the soil under Næstved, and tells of human life here before long before the Viking era.

The name of the city, Næstved, derives from two words: Næs and Tved.

The mall is called Næstved Storcenter (Næstved Big Center), and houses over 80 shops.