Private fickanzeigen Heidelberg

Taking a look at the vibrant scene of writers, translators and theatre life, one discovers a high level of literary productiveness.No day without literary event, no summer without literary festival, no year without literary award winners. Looking into the future, Heidelberg will continue to do anything to further strengthen literature.

Asked to name their favorite destination in Germany, visitors from abroad consistently choose Heidelberg Castle.

And no fewer than 11.8 million people come to Heidelberg every year, drawn by the historical flair of this university city, with its stunning setting, wide range of activities, superb shopping, and restaurants to meet every taste.

This modern, centrally located urban district has the world’s largest concentration of passive housing and is proving a popular place to live and work. The huge potential of this university city is demonstrated by the Heidelberg International Building Exhibition.

One flagship project of IBA is the development of Patrick Henry Village to an urban district which meets all requirements of a modern city in the future.

But Heidelberg’s economic dynamism is also derived from a strong SME sector and the presence of major corporations such as Heidelberg Cement, Heidelberger Druck, SAS, MLP, as well as various research-based companies.