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Most historical contradictions surrounding the event revolve around the people most forthright involved in the war, such as Nerevar, the Tribunal, Voryn Dagoth, and Dumac Dwarfking.

Notable questionable events with inconsistent outcomes can be observed, such as: whether or not House Dagoth was loyal to the Chimer, During this Break, Vivec utilized the Hurling Disk to legitimize the Tribunal's divinity through Mantling the Three Good Daedra.

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It is possible that if the Time-Wound was indeed a Dragon Break, it may have been responsible for the lack of knowledge regarding the period in which the Dragon War took place.

The Red Moment was a Dragon Break that occurred sometime near the year 1E 668, Evidence of this Break's existence can be seen in the multiple conflicting accounts of what actually occurred during the time period in which the War of the First Council took place.

"Every culture on Tamriel remembers the Dragon Break in some fashion; to most it is a spiritual anguish that they cannot account for.

Several texts survive this timeless period, all (unsurprisingly) conflicting with each other regarding events, people, and regions: wars are mentioned in some that never happen in another, the sun changes color depending on the witness, and the gods either walk among the mortals or they don't.

The Khajiit claim the same duration as recorded from the moons, but also seem to believe the Elder Council stole the "1008 years" from them to begin with.