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Whether it is in the café environment by the creek of Aarhus, in the foyer of the theatre, in the commercial pedestrian streets, in private living rooms, or in the line of the citizen service centre at the town hall, there will be created a metastaging of our present life conditions seen through complex artistic filters, and this will take place on the terms of the urban space without the distancing factors of the light effects and the theatre magic.Now it includes selfbuild instruments, collectives, new extended bel canto singing techniques, noise, visuals, and hightech interactive elements and a performing ensemble.Now Denmark’s most prestigious, long running and well attended Crime Book Festival, Krimimessen welcomes international authors and thousands of readers from around the world to partake in all things dangerous and noir.

Guests include: Arne Dahl (Sweden), the Best Swedish Crime Novel award winner; Gard Sveen (Norway), 2014 winner of the Glass Key Award, the prestigious Scandinavian Crime writer’s prize, the Riverton Award, and the best Norwegian crime Prize; and 'Dagger in the Library' award winning author, Stuart Mac Bride (Scotland).

The programme also includes many of the most popular and best-selling Danish crime writers who are well known outside Denmark.

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Når man laver sin profil, skal man oplyse hvad man søger, om man har børn m.m. Derefter får man ubegrænset søgning efter andre medlemmer samt mulighed for selv at organisere og arrangere aktiviteter.