Alli simpson and tanner dating

Johnny was a bit ashamed of being in a relationship with Alli, as she was much younger than he was, she was also very open and flamboyant about the relationship, which angered him.

They began dating in Season 8, but broke up in Season 9.

Alli tries to get the naked photos of herself back, and Johnny tells her to meet him after school.

She thinks she is going to get the pictures, but is surprised when he confesses he has a wart on his penis.

In Lost in Love (2), Johnny sees Alli at the robot wars. doesn't believe her and decides to ask Johnny, although Alli begs her not to do so. In Jane Says (2), At school, Johnny sees Alli in what Alli calls a fashion disaster but he tells her she looks cute before walking away.

At the dance, they are somewhere secret and Alli makes Johnny admit he likes her at which he denies, but she knows it and he gives her her first kiss. Later, Johnny approaches Alli saying he knows she kissed K. its all over the school, Johnny asks if she is dating K. now, Alli says no but asks why does he care since he doesn't want it to be him, Johnny asks if she is sure about that, Alli tells him she doesn't like K. but it seemed like a good idea at the time, Johnny says he gets it, and states that sometimes he does things without knowing why as well.

At school the next day, Johnny comes up behind Alli calling her backwards at her locker making her jump, Alli tells him not to call her that, Johnny asks if she is ok, Alli asks what his middle name is then says she thinks she should know, Johnny says it is George, Johnny starts to ask about last night but Alli asks if they were safe, Johnny says they were, Alli smiles and says she just wanted to make sure, Alli says she has to go and bails.